Welcome to the La Perla Stelle Awards 2022 nomination page!
Please see the Awards categories and descriptions below and also the option to nominate your colleagues. You can nominate individuals or teams.

Please make as many nominations as you like from any function or region. To make a nomination, select the category from the list below and you will be taken to the appropriate form.

Each nomination will then be reviewed by the Awards Committee and the winners will be announced at the Stelle Awards Ceremony. Happy nominating!
Pioneering in product and outlook

Incorporating creative thinking, insightful and innovative approaches, and an entrepreneurial spirit towards development of products, processes or experiences.
Caring for her physical and emotional needs

Putting the customer at the center of everything they do.
Empowering customers and employees

Empowering our customers through our product and services. Empowering our employees by creating an environment for development and growth.
Balancing art and function

Balancing brand and craft with a commercial outlook.

Providing exceptional customer experience through the use of digital technology. Using data to drive analysis and decision making.

Please note that the nominee for this award should be based in Central.
Operational Excellence

Demonstrating an exploratory approach to improving quality and increasing productivity. Driving value through efficient processes and ways of working. Demonstrating a mindset of problem solving and teamwork.

Please note that the nominee for this award should be based in Central.
Best Store Team

Perfectly representing the brand image, providing an elevated brand experience and demonstrating excellent sales performance
Best Store Manager

Demonstrating strong commercial awareness, excellent customer service and managing a high performance team